enabling plays a major role for a new company culture

In an interview with the Handelsblatt Marcus Scholz talks about the path of the charging infrastructure joint venture elexon from start-up to scale-up in just three years. 

In times of Corona, the shortage of skilled workers and “New Work” in an industry that can drive the change in mobility like no other, we see ourselves as drivers of a new corporate culture. We are enablers of personal development, participation and career opportunities that serve the purpose of our company – to actively promote the mobility revolution with the necessary speed and security. 

How can a company position itself on the market in these times? What requirements does it set for itself in terms of sustainability, equal opportunities and social responsibility, the requirements of “New Work” and the advantages (and disadvantages) of decentralized management? 

How did we at elexon become, are and remain true to our values and how do we as a company translate the goals formulated from them into real actions? 

>Take a little time and feel free to read through. What are your thoughts on our journey? 

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