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Do you run a car dealership or a garage?  Upgrade your company with a
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customers will thank you for it!

5 good reasons to invest in charging stations in car dealerships or electric car repair shops

Are you considering installing a charging station at your car dealership or garage? Well, don’t think twice! These are the advantages at a glance:  

Electric vehicles are dominating the market: According to ADAC, more than 20% of new registrations in November 2021 were e-drive cars, with an additional 14% being plug-in hybrids. Yes, this means that e-mobility has overtaken diesel vehicles (16%) and gasoline engines (33%)! With a charging station on your premises, you gain a decisive competitive advantage. 

Manufacturers are focusing on electric cars – but many e-cars don’t leave the factory charged. With a charging station on site at your dealership, you save yourself trips and valuable time that you would have to spend charging off-site.  

People interested in an e-car are looking to buy more than just a vehicle. Use your charging station at your dealership to inform customers about cars, as well as suitable charging solutions and set yourself apart from your competitors with the added service! 

The charging station becomes an extra service in your garage: Charge electric vehicles after maintenance or repair, and your customers will be thrilled.  

People who drive electric vehicles are often looking for places to charge them. If you make your charging point available for public use, a charging station on your company premises can help attract new customers.   

Are you interested in benefiting from these advantages and offering more than just e-cars or repairing and servicing e-cars at your repair shop? Contact us now! 

Installing a charging station.
Your questions - Our answers!

Does integrating electromobility into a repair shop or car dealership pose challenges?
We answer frequently asked questions about charging stations for car dealerships
and repair shops:

We define ourselves as a 360-degree system integrator, which means we accompany you from the planning phase, to installation and commissioning, and finally to the service and maintenance of your charging station at your car dealership or repair shop. During the planning phase, we take a close look at the number and types of charging stations required for your dealership or garage.  

No matter what kind of charging station – our products are modular in design so that they can be expanded as required. If you are enlarging your company premises or planning a move, our charging solutions are scalable to your new requirements with very little effort.  

We not only design the right products for you, but also advise you on the optimal integration of the charging stations into your operational process. During installation and commissioning we adjust the settings to your requirements.  

Do you not only want to offer your customers access to a charging station, but also want to open your charging solution to the general public? With our smart billing system, you can keep track of internal and external payment transactions and streamline your processes – it is completely digital and very user-friendly. Don’t hesitate to contact our consulting team! 

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Source: Meyer/SMA

See what we have to offer


In addition to planning, installing and commissioning your charging solution, we can also provide comprehensive training for you and your employees. We can show you how to… 

  • operate charging points properly and pass this knowledge on to your customers when necessary 
  • optimize the control and cost-efficient planning of charging processes with the help of our load and charge management system 

  • bill your team’s and your customers’ charging processes transparently and with as little effort as possible  

  • make the charging station at the car dealership or garage accessible to the public. We can help you decide what’s best for you.  
Blick auf eine AC Ladesäule
From wallbox to charging park - find the right charging solution for your company!

Whether a car dealership or a garage – the requirements for the ideal charging solution are as varied as they are individual.  Together we’ll find a solution that fits your requirements. Our AC charging solutions are designed to be modular and can be expanded to meet your needs. In addition, we offer different installation options, suitable for a wide range of infrastructure requirements.  

Ansicht einer AC-Ladesäule des Herstellers elexon in der Ausführung Catwalk.
When you're in a hurry: Our DC charging stations are there for you!

Delivering recharged vehicles back to customers after repair or an inspection is a service that will set you apart from the competition! With a DC charging station, you save yourself valuable time. Why? Well, while you are busy completing repair documentation, the vehicles are being charged so that they are ready to go before you know it. Our DC chargers have a sleek design and operate quietly even when charging at full power – making them ideal for everyday work environments.