Improve performance
and save costs of electromobility
in logistics!

Sustainable business practices combined with
maximum operational availability

We have already implemented over 18,000 charging points for our customers in the
logistics sector – which makes us not only the industry leader, but also experts when it
comes to the special requirements of logistics companies. With our combined know-how,
we will install a reliable charging infrastructure for you, perfectly tailored to your
requirements thanks to our diverse installation concepts. As a result, you are not only
adopting a climate-friendly approach, but also a cost-efficient one, making you a pioneer
in the green logistics industry.

Why rely on electromobility
in logistics?

An electric delivery fleet has many advantages. By switching to electric delivery
vehicles and installing the appropriate charging stations, you can boost several areas
of your business. Here are four good reasons for an e-logistics fleet: 

No question about it: Purchasing new delivery vehicles and the corresponding charging infrastructure is an investment. However, in the long run, you benefit from lower operating and maintenance costs. In addition, e-delivery vehicles as well as the corresponding charging stations are eligible for subsidies through various programs, which saves you costs. Our subsidy consulting team will be happy to advise you. 

The operational availability of our products is 99.87% – and that’s with more than 18 million charging cycles. However, we do even more for your business performance. Our intelligent load and charging management and our unique billing system enable you to optimize internal processes and control charging cycles in a cost-efficient and performance-oriented manner.  

Logistics vehicles account for 5.5% of global emissions. By switching to electric vehicles, you are doing your part to reduce this. Plus: You create a clear competitive advantage for yourself. In the long run, internal combustion engines will be banned from city centers – but that won’t be a problem for you! 

Are your customers focused on sustainability and/or enthusiastic about innovations? Demonstrate that you are a pioneer in your industry by switching to a green logistics fleet and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Success factors for your green fleet

Converting not just individual vehicles but an entire fleet to electromobility
requires some planning and project management. And day-to-day operations
also need to be organized. As a 360-degree system integrator, we support
you every step of the way in finding the best charging solution for you and
remain at your side when it comes to continuously developing your fleet. 


Our charging solutions are modular and work well in different setups – from impact protection to catwalks. We guarantee that you will find an installation concept that suits you and the local conditions best!  


We have the perfect accounting system for you that not only reduces paperwork and personnel costs – it can also be fully integrated into your existing accounting system.  

Charging time

With the help of our load and charge management system, you can plan your trips and charging cycles smartly and optimize operations and costs.  


Our products usually do not require extensive excavation work, which makes them very cost-efficient. In addition, we provide support for your subsidy applications, giving you more room to operate.  


Before you make costly upgrades to your network connection, experts from our network check to see what you really need. During operation, you can avoid peak loads and thus, possible grid failures thanks to our load and charge management system.  

Operational reliability

Our operational availability is 99.87%*. If downtime does occur, we have a large network of service partners that can provide support in under 2 hours. 
*Measured over the period of a year in 2020 by DHL. 

Our holistic approach

On request, we can install a photovoltaic system compatible with your charging solution. This makes you independent of the constantly rising energy prices and you can take advantage of additional subsidy programs.   

Eine DC-Schnelladesäule steht vor einer Firmenhalle.
Our AC charge solutions: Flexible designs for a wide range of requirements

You need a larger number of charging points, but have specific infrastructure requirements for their installation. Our charging solutions work with a wide variety of design types.  Find out more about which option is right for you.   

Ansicht einer AC-Ladesäule des Herstellers elexon in der Ausführung Catwalk.
Our DC fast-charging stations: Maximum performance in minimum space

40 x 60 centimeters – that’s all the space you need to install our 75 kW fast-charging station. Ideal if you want to use full charging power in small spaces. Our slimmest model fits exactly between two loading ramps. You have more space and need more power? No problem with our DC dual charging station. Find out more about our DC charging stations.    

“The collaborative partnership has
grown along with our e-mobility strategy.

In recent years, we have mastered many projects and challenges together. aixACCT charging solutions resp. elexon is our most important contract partner for the electrification of our e-vehicle AC charging infrastructure at various operating locations. We believe in a goal-oriented mentality, solution-oriented approaches and a flexible and customer-focused attitude. The fact that our projects have been realized to our satisfaction in terms of both quantity and quality has led to the development of a strong partnership over the years. We will continue to rely on our team from Aachen!”   

Frank Wallraf
responsible for the e-car charging
infrastructure at Post & Paket Germany, 

Deutsche Post AG