E-Mobility for
nursing care
service providers

Economical, reliable, environmentally friendly

Many, often tightly scheduled trips, short distances, limited time:
There is hardly another industry where the topic of e-mobility
is as urgent as in outpatient nursing care. Convert your company cars
to e-cars and join us in promoting the mobility revolution.  

Why upgrade to electric vehicles as company cars?

Switching to e-cars in the nursing care sector has a variety of advantages: for you as a company,
for your employees, and for the environment. Why you should consider switching to e-mobility: 

In the long-term, it pays off to invest in e-vehicles as company cars and install suitable charging solutions: In model tests, outpatient care services were able to drastically reduce their ongoing operating costs by using the right car. A decisive advantage: Routes are usually tightly scheduled – and therefore very easy to plan. With the help of smart load and charging management, you and your employees can benefit from particularly attractive electricity prices. 

Until the end of 2022, nursing care providers can still receive reimbursement of up to 10,000 euros for the purchase of electric vehicles through the “Social & Mobile” fleet replacement program run by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). In addition, grants are also available for the installation of appropriate charging solutions. Our team will be happy to consult you on this and other funding opportunities.  

The environment will also thank you for switching your company car to e-cars in outpatient care. All the short and mid-distance trips with starts and stops cause increased exhaust emissions with combustion engines, which are completely eliminated with e-cars. Noise pollution is also reduced. If it is important to you that your company is sustainably fit for the future, you can rely on the power of electric vehicles!  

There are several ways that your employees can benefit from the conversion to an electric fleet in outpatient care. First of all, they can enjoy the benefits of electric cars, such as their rapid acceleration and reduced vehicle noise. A further stress factor is eliminated if you opt for an in-house charging solution: When the work is done, your team can simply park their company cars at the station, dock them and go home for the evening. This makes annoying refueling stops a thing of the past. The integration of homecharge solutions is also possible: In this case, wallboxes are installed at your employees’ homes. With one of our intelligent billing systems, you can easily bill the charging processes there via your accounting system.

Ansicht einer AC Ladesäule

From wallbox to charging park - find the right charging solution for your company!

Do you run smaller sites and have limited space? Or do you need a complex solution for larger locations? Regardless of what you decide on now: Our AC charging solutions are designed to be modular and can be expanded to meet your requirements.  

Ansicht einer DC Ladesäule

When you' re in a hurry: Our DC charging stations are there for you!

While your team is busy handing things over, their vehicles can be charged at our DC charging stations so that they are fully operational again within a short period of time. This is especially ideal for larger companies with driver changes due to shift work. Our DC chargers have a sleek design and run at a low noise level even at full charging power – and can therefore be placed under office windows without any problems. 

Symbolbild Elektroauto in der Pflege: Detailaufnahme einer Hand, die einen Ladestutzen an die Steckdosen in einem E-Fahrzeug andockt.
Source: Meyer/SMA


Here is our offer for you

We define ourselves as a 360-degree system integrator, which means we accompany you from the planning phase, to installation and commissioning, and finally to the service and maintenance of your charging solution. As part of this process, you will receive training so that you can… 

  • operate your charging points properly. 
  • optimize the control and cost-efficient planning of charging processes with the help of our load and charge management system. 

In addition, we will show you ways to obtain the best possible funding and accompany you on your path towards successfully submitting a funding application. Interested in a consultation? Don’t hesitate to contact us!