Reliable charging solutions
for parking lots and
parking garages

Stand out and boost your sales.

Upgrade your parking areas and design parking spaces of the future with a modern charging infrastructure
that is compatible with all eVehicle models. As a 360-degree system integrator, our portfolio includes charging solutions
for every type of parking facility, including planning, installation, maintenance and a worry-free billing system.

We make your parking areas fit for the future.

Take advantage of the steadily growing demand for eVehicle charging options and position yourself as a player on the market of the future while offering your parking guests uncomplicated, reliable and intuitive charging solutions. We guarantee efficient, smooth service, from planning and installation to the periodic maintenance of your modern, intelligent and efficient charging stations. This includes foolproof billing – for you, as well as for your parking guests.

Cost-effective and uncomplicated billing is especially important for providers of eVehicle parking spaces, because they have many constantly changing customers who require an intuitive and transparent billing system. Our smart in-house billing system “elexon charge” is paperless and, thanks to its easy handling, can be readily adapted to your circumstances. Of course, we also offer other solutions with the integration of other systems on request.

In general, our installation concepts do not involve any major construction work. No civil engineering work, no construction sites that last for months – every step is foreseeable and plannable. This reduces the amount of time that valuable parking spaces are blocked, eliminates long waits for results, and most importantly, saves a lot of money.

Regardless of how many charging points you install – our fully automated smart load management keeps track and ensures that no expensive peak loads occur and that all vehicles can be charged on demand. This helps you avoid cost-intensive peak load prices from your electricity provider, save cash and at the same time, ensure the reliable operation of all charging stations.


You want even more sustainability?

Environmentally-friendly charging with solar power.

Charge your guests’ eVehicles independently and sustainably with energy from the sun. Together with our partner SMA, we can install your customized and modular photovoltaic system, tailored exactly to the conditions of your parking facility. We determine the requirements and identify the solution that is right for you. Control and monitor your new system without stress and keep your customers satisfied using renewable energy.

Eine DC-Schnelladesäule steht vor einer Firmenhalle.
AC charging solutions for your parking areas

Our single and dual AC charging stations are cost-effective, operate with low downtime and, thanks to their exceptionally high operational reliability, are ideal for use in (semi-)public spaces. Due to their modular design, our AC charging stations have a sustainable construction. They can be expanded individually at any time and repaired quickly and inexpensively, if necessary. 

Ansicht einer AC-Ladesäule des Herstellers elexon in der Ausführung Catwalk.
The perfect charging station - even for short stops

Our DC charging stations are the perfect fast-charging solution. They are low-noise, compact, and available in a variety of designs. Help your parking guests get to their next stop in no time with short charging cycles. With a transparent and intuitive billing solution, you can keep your parking guests happy and also reduce time, effort and costs on your side.