Bright days ahead
for charging stations
in apartment buildings 

E-mobility for everyone

A charging station at an apartment building is no longer a luxury, it has almost become standard:
If you are planning to build or renovate an apartment building, it makes sense to equip parking spaces
with empty conduits to make it easier to implement c
harging solutions. With us, you have an experienced
and flexible partner at your side!

Why is a charging solution
for apartment buildings worthwhile?

The advantages of including charging solutions in the planning and construction of apartment buildings are obvious:  

Adding a charging solution of your own to your apartment building is appealing and has a positive impact on prices when selling or renting.  

Become a professional in the field of smart charging solutions for real estate with our help – and you’ll have a unique selling point on the market. 

Around 356,000 e-cars were registered for the first time in 2021 – a record that is set to continue in the coming years. Secure yourself business from a steadily growing target group!  

More and more people are buying or leasing an e-car. With a charging station at your apartment building, you can expand your target group and make your property even more attractive for e-car drivers. 

How to make your charging station
at the apartment building a success

Solid planning and efficient project management are crucial to equipping your real estate
projects with the most suitable charging infrastructure.
As a 360° system integrator,
we c
an support you reliably and on schedule with our services and products. 

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