What sustainability
means to us

Advancing the transportation revolution with a
climate-friendly approach

We are convinced: electromobility is a big sustainability driver. But e-mobility means more than just e-vehicles.
The goal of our work is to help shape the transportation revolution as sustainably as possible and achieve
a climate-neutral future for mobility.


How sustainable is electromobility?

If you want to assess the sustainability of electromobility, you must take various factors into account, such as which resources are needed in production, how the electricity for charging is generated, or how environmentally friendly the batteries used are.  

Sustainability increases or decreases depending on how resource-efficient, low-emission and durable the various components are. E-cars are significantly more sustainable than combustion engines, especially in terms of emissions and the associated CO2 balance. It is important that the various components are produced as environmentally friendly as possible.  
And: e-vehicles that are used extensively over a long period of time have a better eco-balance than internal combustion vehicles. They become even more environmentally friendly when charged with electricity from renewable sources, as is the case with our Join tariff.

Would you like to convert your fleet to e-mobility or sustainably install or expand your charging infrastructure? We will be happy to help you implement your projects and power the transportation revolution!

How we work sustainably

Our aim is to inspire you with innovative products and our 360° service, and facilitate
sustainable and economical operations for your company. In the process, we focus on
sustainable product development and long-lasting products. 


The design of our charging stations is modular; if something goes wrong, individual parts can be easily replaced. Usually, wallboxes and the like are simply scrapped because repairs are not worthwhile or simply not feasible.


We only use components from renowned manufacturers, which are subject to the highest quality standards. This makes our products exceptionally durable. 

Made in Germany

Most of the components for our products come from Germany, just as a large part of our production takes place in Germany. This helps us avoid unnecessary transport – and thus CO2


We have a large network of service partners throughout Germany. This allows us to reduce unnecessary travel for the installation, commissioning and maintenance of our charging solutions. 

At elexon, we work in an
innovative and climate-friendly way!

For us, sustainability doesn’t stop with our products and services. We think holistically
as an employer as well. Our goal is to create the best possible working atmosphere for our
employees. For us, this includes the following points: