Billing at the charging
station - Easier than ever!

Quicker, smarter, more efficient: 

We offer various solutions to provide you with uncomplicated and cost-effective billing at your charging stations.
These smart systems
are paperless and easy to operate. Whether you operate a charging station, manage a fleet
or take care of billing – we have the system that fits your requirements. 

What to look for in a charging
station billing system?

A billing solution for your charging stations means that you, your customers, and your employees
enjoy the same benefits:
park, connect, charge, and off you go! Whether your employees charge
their e
-company cars at home or power them on the company premises, a smart billing system
will help you gain a better overview, streamline processes and save costs.  When selecting a system,
important to consider the following points:

During the planning phase, list the key figures that are most relevant to you in order to find the best possible solution.  

Billing at your charging stations should integrate smoothly into your operating processes. This will save you paperwork and reduce costs, because it eliminates the need for additional accounting work.

For example, is a digital overview of charging processes enough or do you want invoicing for the charging processes?? – Or maybe your employees would like to charge their electric vehicles at home, at the company site and on the road. Can the billing system reflect that? Domestic electricity rebates should be billed at an individual electricity rate, at a flat rate per kWh, or via a lump sum. How is the billing carried out? Do you want to reimburse your users for their individual electricity tariff or do you prefer to manage it via a lump-sum payment per kwh? How should charging stops on the road be billed? 

By the way: If you are taking advantage of subsidies, you may be tied to specific service providers. Local subsidy programs, in particular, make this a requirement in order to promote local providers. We can help you find the best solution for billing at your charging stations. 

elexon charge: The all-round billing system

We support you in finding an uncomplicated and fully automated billing system that suits your requirements. If you haven’t been processing your expenses via SAP tools up to now, our in-house solution elexon charge is a good choice. We can also integrate other billing systems for you, e.g. smartlab or Stromnetz Hamburg. 

Foto eines Präsentationsbildschirms, auf dem das Abrechnungssystem xCharge von elexon zu sehen ist.


How can you benefit from elexon charge?

You don’t use SAP yet and want to remain independent? Then we recommend elexon charge, our in-house billing system, which functions as a stand-alone tool. That means you can use it to bill users and locations and offer your employees full transparency via an app, regardless of whether you use charge at home, at work and on the road or want to combine all three option.

How does it work? You can create your own user groups and then assign them rates per charging station location. For example, it is possible to set your own tariffs for team members, visitors to your company or for public charging. Charging at the charging point is done via charging cards that you can equip your team, as well as external visitors with. With elexon charge, you can also open your charging points for external charging cards.  

Billing is carried out digitally via our back-end, so there is no additional work for your accounting department. 

Do you offer your employees charge at home? Charging and billing is just as easy here: Your company car users charge at home via their elexon charge Card, the invoice goes automatically to your accounting department, and your employees are reimbursed for the home electricity kWh to their own account, which is stored in their profile.  

By the way: Your employees have their own accounts, so that charging data and thus, the team’s movement profile are stored in accordance with the GDPR. Via the app, you and your team have an overview of their charging data that is available everywhere and in real time.  

So you see: With elexon charge, you have an intuitive tool that allows you to accurately account for the usage of various charging infrastructures in a straightforward and uncomplicated way!  

elexon Geschäftsführer Marcus Scholz

This path will lead you safely to your goal

With elexon charge, we can now offer our customers an intuitive billing solution that makes charge at work, at home and on the road simple and transparent. With our elexon charge Card, you can charge at over 200,000 charging points in Europe. This is an important building block on the way to the transition towards sustainable mobility in the fleet segment.  

SAP e-Mobility: charge at home & at work with SAP

Already using SAP Concur and looking for a billing system that can be fully integrated? We’re happy to help! All data generated at a charging station flows through SAP Concur into your corporate finance department’s system. Transparent, highly integrative and tax compliant.  

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With the SAP e-Mobility billing system, you achieve fully integrated billing processes within the SAP landscape. That means: If an employee charges his or her company car at home or at your company location, he or she feeds the data directly into the system. The data is then automatically forwarded through the SAP interfaces – the approval procedures from your previous accounting system remain unaffected! Settlement then takes place automatically with the payroll and travel expense reports. No extra effort is required from your accounting department! 

By completely digitizing the process, you save up to 70% of your accounting costs. Add to this additional savings of up to 30% on your mobility expenses when you integrate your load and charge management into the accounting solution. The elexon and SAP solution bridges the gap between fast, convenient plug-and-play solutions and highly efficient, scalable business processes – applicable nationally and globally.   

Upgrading elexon products

If you have already installed elexon products, you can easily switch them to your preferred software for charging station billing – a combination of different products is also possible. We are happy to consult you on an individual basis to determine the solution that is best for you.  


Let’s talk! Contact us – together we can find the best solution for your individual charging infrastructure.