Charge green -
with our SMA JOIN
green electricity tariff
it's easy!

Full-service for 100% sustainability 

Another step on the way to making electromobility 100% sustainable:
Charging your vehicles with electricity from renewable energy sources.
If you choose a charging solution from elexon, you can book the SMA JOIN
green electricity tariff at the same time if you wish –
and drive even more eco-friendly! 


Your advantages with the SMA JOIN green electricity tariff 

With SMA JOIN Electricity, you can be sure that sustainability is an integral part of your business. The 100% green electricity for this tariff is mainly generated decentrally in Germany. Green electricity is purchased on the electricity exchange as needed to cover peaks. This means you can recharge your batteries with 100% sustainable energy. Other advantages for you when you use our green electricity tariff:  

  1. Compared to conventional electricity tariffs, you save CO2 with a green electricity provider and contribute even more to the energy turnaround.  

  2. SMA JOIN has no minimum term. You can cancel the contract on a monthly basis.  

  3. With the SMA JOIN green electricity tariff, we guarantee prices for one year (on the price components we can influence), which makes planning costs much easier.

  4. The tariff can be used with or without your own PV system. 

  5. If you wish, we can cancel your contract with your old electricity company when you switch – saving you time and annoying paperwork.  

How to integrate our
green electricity tariff

Are you interested in booking our green electricity tariff? It’s easy! 

Step 1:

Determine your electricity requirements – for example, with our electricity calculator or your billing system, if available.

Step 2:

Book an appointment with our team and get advice on the optimal integration.

Step 3:

Send us your contact and address data, as well as details of your previous supplier and meter number. 

Our team will take care of everything else for you in cooperation with SMA!  

Are you interested?

Let’s talk! Contact us together, we can find the best solution for your individual charging infrastructure.