Servicing and
maintenance of
your charging station:
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Operational availability of almost 100% 

To ensure the extremely high operational availability and long-term profitability of our charging stations,
you can count on the work of experienced and highly trained service providers. Our partners not only
ensure that your systems run in accordance with DIN specifications, but also optimize the settings of your
charging solutions if required. 

Our service for you

Due to the modular design of our products, as well as the use of high-quality components,
our charging stations do not generally require a lot of maintenance. However, if something
n’t work according to plan, our competent service providers are on-site quickly. 

If you select charging stations or wallboxes from our portfolio, you will discover that our products have a very low tendency to malfunction. The operational availability of our products is 99.87% – and that’s with more than 18 million charging cycles. One reason for this is that we use the highest quality hardware. In addition, unlike many products on the market, our electronics are not board-based, which makes maintenance and repair much easier and less expensive.  

* Measured over the period of a year in 2020 by DHL. 

In the unlikely event that something does happen, we guarantee support around the clock. Thanks to our network of more than 80 service teams throughout Germany, we are able to respond and diagnose within two hours. If repairs are necessary, they are usually easy to perform and do not take too much time. Due to their design, our charging stations can be repaired directly on site. In most cases, this avoids the need to send in the device or even replace it. This means you can get your charging point back into operation quickly, guaranteeing cost-effectiveness and protecting the environment. 

We have built up our network of installation teams over many years. Not only have we carefully selected our partners, we also take the time to train our employees over a six-month period and bring them up to speed in the e-mobility field. Sign a maintenance contract to take advantage of our service, and you can rest assured that you’re being taken care of by the best in the business.  

In addition to the legal requirements, our partner companies will also gladly check other functionalities of your charging stations on request. For example, our service technicians can also read out usage data. If required, they can also adjust the load and charging management to maximize the economic efficiency of your system.   

Wartung Ladestation

Frequently asked questions about maintaining your charging station

In Germany, installations for the generation, conversion, transmission, distribution or application of electrical energy are subject to the DIN VDE 0105-100 standard. This also includes charging columns, wallboxes or other charging solutions. In addition to specifications for installation and commissioning, the standard also defines the framework for the maintenance of charging stations. To find out which products are covered and what the test protocols for wallboxes and other charging solutions look like, click here. 

Why do charging stations need to be maintained?

Routine maintenance of charging stations is all about ensuring two things: The safety of the people who use the charging solution and the charging solution’s availability and thus, the economic efficiency of the system.  

Which charging stations are subject to mandatory maintenance?

Public and commercially used charging solutions must be regularly checked for operational safety in accordance with DIN VDE 0105-100 and on the basis of the Unfallverhütungsvorschrift der DGUV (Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung) (the accident prevention regulation from the DGUV German Social Accident Insurance). Products that can be operated by non-professionals are exempt from these requirements – privately used wallboxes are therefore excluded. However, they should still be serviced regularly.   

What is checked during the maintenance of a charging station?

First of all, the equipment is inspected from the outside: Are all parts in place and intact? Then a check is made to see whether the operating instructions and similar items are present. Finally, the individual functions of the charging station or wallbox are tested. Inspection records are created for each wallbox and charging station to document maintenance.  

Can third-party products also be serviced?

Since charging stations and wallboxes are constructed and installed according to the DI standards, the maintenance of third-party products is also possible.  

Our tip: Sign a maintenance contract with one of the installation companies in our network when you have your charging solution installed and commissioned. This guarantees that your charging infrastructure is inspected in accordance with legal requirements and at the prescribed intervals.