Planning and installing
your charging station:
We will be happy to
consult you!

Customized concepts for you 

No two charging solution installations are alike. The requirements for loading capacity and the conditions
are too individual, if only in terms of geology or architecture. We offer you a 360-degree service so that
you can plan and implement your projects cost-effectively and quickly. 


Why a charging concept is so important

Selecting a charging solution, installing it with minimal effort and immediately charging vehicles – the road to establishing a charging infrastructure is not always that simple. If you only need a few wallboxes or a single charging station, planning and installation can be carried out quickly. If you are thinking of installing a charging station or a charging park, you should bear in mind that a wide range of factors influence which charging solution is the best for you. Our team can help you find the best solution! 

These factors influence the
installation of a charging

During the planning process, we review the various circumstances, as well as your requirements in order to find answers to the following questions:  

Here's how things interlock

With our 360-degree approach, we ensure that your concept is implemented to the highest
standard and that you will be able to use your charging solution sustainably for many years
to come. 

In order to plan your projects efficiently in terms of cost and time, you need one person pulling the strings. Our project planning team not only develops a concept with you and for you, but also gets the implementation rolling once the costs have been approved, advises you on awarding contracts, monitors deadlines and ensures that communication between the various project players runs smoothly. And the best part is: You will have a dedicated contact person for all of your questions.  

We guarantee that your projects will be implemented at the highest standards and the best possible price. Your advantage: If you choose one of our stations with impact protection, you save up to 60% of the installation costs, because no excavation work is required. Our extensive network of installation teams covers Germany and the entire EU. This means we can quickly provide you with a competent service provider for the installation of your charging infrastructure, ensuring that your project can be implemented in the shortest possible time.  

Once the hardware parts are in place and the software for your charging stations is installed, we commission the charging solutions for you. In doing so, all processes and functions, such as load and charge management or the billing system, are checked once again. We document all of this for you in a comprehensible manner. People who use your charging solution or are responsible for it also receive comprehensive training. Here, too, we prepare detailed documentation so that you can operate as independently as possible without having to rely on us.  

Planning and installing
charging stations: Step
by step to your goal

Before installing a charging station, you need to plan it.
This is how we do it at
elexon GmbH:

1. Inquiry

You contact us with a project inquiry.   

2. On-site visit

A team of specialists from elexon and our partner network checks which solutions are possible and make the most sense at your site.  

3. Site analysis

The next step is a site analysis to check what needs to be taken into account when installing the charging stations – for example, the subsoil is analyzed, but also the availability of electricity.  

4. Concept

With this knowledge we create a concept for you, which we explain to you in detail.  

5. Calculation

Based on your feedback, we finalize the concept and calculate the project.  

6. Installation

Once the costs have been approved, we install the charging stations. To do this, we develop a project roadmap.  

7. Commis-sioning

We do not install the charging station ourselves. Our competent partner, Klotz & Gangloff take care of this and also operate throughout the EU if required.  

8. Maintenance

We commission the charging points and configure them according to your needs.  If you wish, we can remain active for you over the long term: We’ll be happy to carry out regular maintenance checks on your system. And – if necessary – be at your site quickly to carry out repair work. 

"The speed and agility with which we and elexon...

were able to implement the project planning and installation of what was then Europe’s largest charging infrastructure park was impressive. Despite enormous planning pressure, the park was put into operation with manpower, utmost precision and reliability within a very short period of time. Even more important is the fact that we have not had a single failure in the entire system since commissioning with over 340 vehicles. We’re grateful for this high-performance partnership and the other projects we have been able to implement.”

Jan-Niklas Lüdtke
Infrastructure Manager
LUEG Basecamp GmbH