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Individually scalable for your business

Single and dual charging stations for businesses as well as public and semi-public areas:
elexon provides individual solutions for AC charging stations – cost-effective and sustainable.
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Our AC charging stations – 
the highest standards,
tailored to you

Are you looking for an AC charging station that can charge individual company cars or an entire fleet? We offer you various options that we can design individually according to your requirements. Thanks to the modular design of our AC charging solutions, we are able to respond to individual structural, technical and usage-oriented requirements and adapt the AC charging stations accordingly.  

Our AC charging stations are 100% developed and manufactured in Germany. Individuality at the highest industrial standards, product scalability and sustainability form the foundation of our charging infrastructure solutions. 

Our goal: To offer holistic, climate-neutral and modular AC charging solutions for smart e-mobility.  


Flexible modular solutions


Up to 30% savings


100% made in Germany

Blick in eine AC-Ladesäule des Herstellers elexon


AC charging stations adapted to your needs

Our AC charging stations are modular in design so that they can be expanded later, if necessary. This allows you to remain flexible and save costs. Our products are designed for professional use in the charging parks used by logistics companies. More than 18 million charging cycles – even under adverse weather conditions – attest to their serviceability and reliability in everyday operation. We also use reliable components from renowned German manufacturers with an extremely long service life, which, in contrast to a circuit board-based solution, can be easily repaired by specialists.  

Freisteller einer AC-Wallbox des Herstellers elexon.
Our wallbox: The AC charging station for individual company cars

Are you looking for AC charging stations that work in limited space and for individual vehicles – for example, if you have a small team or want your employees to be able to charge their company cars at home? Our wallbox is the ideal solution for one to two cars, especially if the location offers little space for implementing another charging solution.  

Suitable for:
Companies with a small team or a modest budget

Freisteller einer AC-Ladesäule des Herstellers elexon
Our charging column: The AC charging station for (semi-)public parking areas 

Would you like to equip your company parking lot or a public parking area with charging solutions without making visual compromises? Our charging column – installed as a single unit or as a group – is ideally suited for individual vehicles or smaller fleets of up to 20 vehicles.  

Suitable for:
Companies with mid-range charging needs 

Freisteller einer AC-Ladestation in Stelenform des Herstellers elexon.
Our charging pedestal: The AC charging station for charging parks

Do you have a large fleet of delivery vehicles? If so, then a charging park is the ideal solution for you. In it, several hundred vehicles can be charged at once. This is where companies with a large fleet of company cars or logistics vehicles can benefit most from our modular design.  

Suitable for:
Companies with a large fleet

AC charging solutions with your branding

How about using your AC charging station for your branding in your company’s visitor parking lot, for example. Nothing could be easier: You can have our AC charging stations designed to reflect your corporate identity for orders exceeding a specific quantity. A casing in your design is possible for the charging column, as well as for the front of the wallbox. 

The following applies to all our AC charging solutions:

New communication standard
OCPP 2.0.1

  • State-of-the-art communication standard OCPP 2.0.1 and ISO 15118-2 for bidirectional and secure communication between charging station, vehicle and backend
  • More precise control of the charging process, user-independent, greatly simplified billing with increased user comfort
  • Autocharge, Plug and Charge and Vehicle-to-Grid are possible
  • Smart charging to optimize the charging strategy in conjunction with energy management and fleet operations management
  • Suitable for fleet applications
  • Retrofitting possible

Various setups possible

Our AC charging solution with a parapet system can be installed above and below ground.
Cost optimization is one of our top priorities
here – to offer you the best possible product
at the best possible price. The modular design of our AC charging stations makes it easy
to expand them at a later date to
adapt to your new requirements. This also makes
relocations easy to deal with.

„We are thrilled to have elexon at our side as a reliable partner...

when it comes to wallboxes and charging stations. We’ve equipped our own underground parking garage at our Aachen location with elexon wallboxes, in order to supply our fleet of e-service vehicles with electricity. From installation to the final connection, elexon was at our side every step of the way. Several of our customers are also using elexon hardware successfully.” 

Dirk Natschke
Head of Sales Business Partners
SMART/LAB Innovationsgesellschaft mbH  


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