Charge your company car
fleet sustainably and

Simply combine Charge@home and Charge@work 

Convert your fleet to electric cars now and be environmentally aware and future-oriented!
We can help you find sustainable and cost-efficient charging solutions for your e-fleet.


Applicable for different types of fleets

Less environmental impact, lower operating costs, multiple subsidy options… there is a reason why many fleet managers decide to convert at least parts of their fleet to electric vehicles. We can guide you on your way to an e-fleet and support you in the planning, installation and commissioning of the appropriate charging infrastructure. 

Whether you plan to charge your e-fleet in your parking lot, underground garage or parking garage, or provide charging solutions for your customers and visitors, we can assist you with your project from planning to maintenance.   

Smart charging for your
e-fleet: This is how it works!

Are you thinking of switching to electric cars as company cars, but aren’t
sure which issues you need to consider in the process? You can find answers
to frequently asked questions about fleet charging here:

The prices for gasoline and diesel are continuously increasing. With e-mobility, energy prices are no longer an issue, especially if you install a PV system that is compatible with your charging solution. In addition, you can receive subsidies with the help of various funding programs. Contact us, we will be happy to consult you! 

Our charging solutions are designed to be modular. Individual components can be replaced or expanded with little effort – depending on how your needs change. You can supplement the charging solutions in your company with Charge@home elements so that your team can operate decentrally. 

With our intelligent load and charging management system, you have an overview of your e-fleet at all times and can control charging processes so that your electric vehicles are always ready for use according to plan. At the same time, our software enables you to avoid peak loads and thus helps you reduce energy costs. 

You are interested in setting up (semi)public charging stations where both employees and visitors can charge their vehicles?  Or do you have employees who sometimes charge their e-fleet vehicles on your company premises, sometimes at public charging stations and sometimes at home with a Charge@home solution? We offer smart payroll solutions that not only keep you on top of things, but also reduce your personnel costs – because they operate fully automatically and can be easily integrated into your accounting software. Please don’t hesitate to contact our consulting team! 

Why charge your fleet
with a solution from elexon?

As a 360-degree system integrator, we are … 


At elexon, you will find all you need under one roof – starting with the planning and design of your future charging solution, to the installation and commissioning in accordance with your requirements. Supported by our nationwide network of experts, we also cover maintenance work and any retrofits. 


Both our AC charging stations, designed for example as decentralized charging solutions for customer service vehicles, as well as our DC fast-chargers are modular in design so that they can be expanded as required. If you want to expand your e-fleet, our products grow with you! 


We set high quality standards for ourselves:  The operational availability of our products is 99.87% – and that’s with more than 18 million charging cycles. That means: Your fleet is always optimally charged and economical at all times. 

Eine AC-Ladestation vor einem Gebäude.
Our AC charge solutions: Flexible superstructures for a wide range of requirements

Do you need a larger number of charging points, have different vehicle types or different user groups, or can’t carry out excavation work on site? Our charging solutions work in a wide variety of installation types. Find out more about what is possible and which option is best for you.   

DC-Ladestation HPC150
Our DC fast-charging stations: Maximum performance for minimum space

40 x 60 centimeters – that’s all the space you need to set up our 75 kW fast-charging station. Ideal if you want to use full charging power in small spaces. You have more space and need more charging power, especially for short periods of time? No problem with our DC dual charging station. Thanks to extremely low noise emissions, you can place the stations anywhere you like – for example, even under an office window. Our DC charging stations also feature intelligent switching and can charge different types of vehicles.  

“For us, Elexon is characterized
by its great team...

We benefit from the direct, personal contact. elexon takes care of our concerns. This actually makes work fun. As a provider of charging stations for company fleets, we also benefit from their 360-degree service. Everything is handed over turnkey. That is rare in the charging infrastructure sector and that’s something we really appreciate.” 

Stefan Kröger
Energy Services Consultant  
Stadtwerke EVB Huntetal GmbH