the future

Our road to climate-neutral mobility

Expertise meets innovation, sustainability meets economic performance:
Our goal is to play a key role in driving the future development of mobility.
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Achieving our goal
with a clear vision

Our vision: Making climate-neutral mobility a reality with smart 360° solutions. To achieve this, we develop charging infrastructures as holistic plug-and-play solutions embedded in a completely digital customer journey. Our goal: Our goal is to deliver reliable products and services at all times and thus make sustainable, climate-neutral, and at the same time high-performance business mobility a reality in the future. 

Our management team

It takes both visionaries and mobility experts to constantly improve and develop our products and services. Our management team combines expertise and foresight to bridge the gap between what is and what can be in the future:

Marcus Scholz,

Marcus Scholz is a highly qualified change manager and process optimizer, as well as a mobility expert with many years of experience on both the supplier and customer sides. His goal: to promote the intelligent use of energy in companies. 

Rafael Apélian,
Vice President Operations & Operational Excellence

With his many years of experience in leading operations roles, Rafael Apélian is responsible for ensuring that each individual process step interlocks seamlessly with the next and oversees the entire operations process chain.

Rebecca Heckmann,
Vice President Technology & Engineering
Rebecca Heckmann is an engineer for energy technology and has several years of experience in electromobility, both in research and in the development of charging infrastructure. As Vice President Technology & Engineering, she is responsible for our product portfolio and technical planning.
Porträtfoto von Jochen Olivier, VP Sales & Account Management bei elexon.
Jochen Olivier,
Vice President Sales & Account Management

Jochen Olivier is a sales specialist with one of the most extensive networks in the industry and has many years of operational expertise in the implementation of charging infrastructure solutions of any scale. 

Porträtfoto der Sales Managerin Stefanie Momber, Mitarbeiterin des Unternehmens elexon.
Stefanie Schleißinger,
Head of Sales & Customer Service

Stefanie Momber has many years of experience in sales of various mobility concepts as well as in the startup environment. With this experience she takes customer experience and new customer onboarding to a new level.

with strong foundations

Founded in 2019, elexon is a joint venture of SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA), AixControl GmbH and aixACCT charging solutions GmbH. In addition to a strong financial base, elexon benefits in particular from the know-how of its three key investors.  

SMA is a globally active Tech-Dax company for solar technology and intelligent storage systems. aixACCT systems GmbH develops the control technology and thus, the “brain” of our AC and DC charging columns making elexon independent from external controller manufacturers. As elexon’s innovation hub, aixACCT charging solutions GmbH develops power electronics and high-end prototypes, based on individual customer requirements if desired.

Eight good reasons to work with elexon!

More than 20,000 readily accessible charging points at more than 800 locations, more than 7 million charging cycles – and an operational availability of 99.87%. There are good reasons why we are the industry leader in the logistics sector! Cooperation with us is worthwhile, because: 

We are a 360° system integrator and think holistically.

We have our own product and service portfolio and work in a system-oriented manner.

Our AC-products are 100% “Made in Germany”.

We can help finance your projects with our subsidy consulting services.

Our think-and-do tank develops tailored solutions just for you.

All our products are calibration compliant according to 2014/94/EU.*

 *DC products as of Q2/2023

Our excellent installation and maintenance network supports you throughout Germany and makes your projects internationally scalable. 

We are the industry leader in the logistics sector.

About Elexon

Elexon was founded in 2019 as a joint venture of SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA), AixControl GmbH and aixACCT charging solutions GmbH with the clear aim of driving the expansion of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles throughout Europe. Since the end of 2023, Elexon has been wholly owned by VARO Energy, an internationally renowned player in the energy sector. This strategic partnership enables Elexon to consolidate its position as an industry leader in logistics, expand its pioneering role in other segments and develop innovative solutions together with VARO Energy to meet the challenges of the changing energy market.  

In addition to the development of charging infrastructure, Elexon focuses on the integration of efficient energy and load management systems and the provision of electricity from renewable energy sources. With its 360° charging infrastructure solutions, Elexon offers comprehensive plug-and-play solutions for the planning, installation and servicing of efficient e-vehicle charging parks from a single source.